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Eliminating the Top 5 HSE & Quality Risks in Oil & Gas

Health, safety, environment (HSE) and quality professionals in the oil and gas industry must juggle competing and complex priorities on a daily basis. From conducting inspections to maintaining compliance with countless regulations, it can be difficult to proactively manage all of your HSE and quality risks while also ensuring the success of your day-to-day operations and the safety of your workers. To successfully address the top HSE and quality risks you face, you need the right strategies, policies and procedures in place.

From process safety management to permits, in this FREE 30-minute webinar, presenters Ethan Fleming-Cushing and Steve Buffett outline the 5 major HSE and quality risks in the oil and gas industry, strategies for eliminating them and how implementing a risk management program can lead to better business practices.

Watch this webinar and learn how to stop HSE and quality risks in their tracks by:

• Conducting proactive audits and inspections
• Tracking leading indicators to prevent near-misses
• Maintaining compliance by staying on top of permit renewals
• Managing CAPAs to reduce the frequency and quantity of incidents
• Effectively managing and meeting the demands of your supplier
• Integrating risk management into all aspects of your business

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